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List of public plants

Plant name(Ascending)
Postal code
Generator output
AC power
Daily energy
Total energy
|Doutor Mauricio78200000Caseres8,760.00 kWp760.0 W0.4 kWh735 kWh Brazil
100kWp UPAK,FZE RAK11254Ras Al Khaimah100.00 kWp- W- kWh10,629 kWh United Arab Emirates
103 kWp Admistrative Building WCL HQ,Nagpur440018wcl head qurter100.40 kWp4,528.6 W340.9 kWh108,671 kWh India
12 kWp Umrer Hospital, Umrer Area 441203UMERER12.00 kWp- W- kWh11,775 kWh India
13.77 KWp, Canal Garden, Lahore54000Lahore13.77 kWp447.9 W25.7 kWh47 kWh Pakistan
20 kWp Regional store Building Kanhan Area 480553dongariya15.60 kWp264.5 W12.1 kWh12,484 kWh India
20.16KWp, STEG LABORATORIES54000Lahore20.16 kWp717.7 W66.3 kWh23,834 kWh Pakistan
23kw54000lahore23.00 kWp325.8 W21.7 kWh2,353 kWh Pakistan
350 MWp Solar PV Plant671121Kerala0.00 kWp- W- kWh0 kWh India
40 kWp AGM office pench480441parasia40.50 kWp1,554.6 W186.6 kWh9,012 kWh India
40 kWp AGM Office Umrer441203UMERER40.32 kWp0.0 W0.0 kWh24,185 kWh India
40KWp Toufiak Properties, Ras Al Khor11Dubai33.00 kWp2,248.3 W45.8 kWh1,894 kWh United Arab Emirates
5,36 kW - Sr. Edem97573306Santana do Livramento5.00 kWp1,900.0 W1.8 kWh1,646 kWh Brazil
50 kWp AGM Office Wani North Area445304wani50.40 kWp0.0 W0.0 kWh36,940 kWh India
50 kWp Area Hospital Building Kanhan480551junardeo56.40 kWp- W- kWh27,883 kWh India
76 kWp AGM Office Wani Area 442406chandrapur76.00 kWp3,523.8 W315.5 kWh11,321 kWh India
76 kWp Indora Complex Nagpur440026indora compex near power grid76.16 kWp4,032.8 W303.5 kWh78,989 kWh India
ABREEFECHA87070000MARINGA26.00 kWp5,686.8 W8.4 kWh14,811 kWh Brazil
Academia Phisical76824-324PORTO VELHO20.00 kWp- W- kWh0 kWh Brazil
AE Antonio Gedeao 2814 - 503Almada110.00 kWp51.5 kW64.0 kWh111,625 kWh Portugal
AE Carlos Gargaté2519 – 504 Charneca de Caparica66.15 kWp43.2 kW66.5 kWh344,989 kWh Portugal
AE Dr. António Augusto Louro2840-447Seixal102.91 kWp22.6 kW118.1 kWh402,278 kWh Portugal
AE Emidio Navarro2800-022 AlmadaAlmada65.27 kWp21.2 kW65.0 kWh115,177 kWh Portugal
AE Miranda do Corvo3220-431 Semide80.36 kWp52.7 kW116.3 kWh151,110 kWh Portugal
AEPTL-IPTRANS Loures2670-526Loures96.93 kWp- W- kWh107,677 kWh Portugal
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